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All right, this is for any of you out there that have any talent in drawing…I'm going to make a contest, I want to see if you guys can draw anything from this story, from the couples in modern clothes (look at the descriptions of what they're wearing) to them in the Renaissance ball, or maybe just a scene that you thought was funny or cute. Now since most of this is real, I will be judging to see who makes it look the most like what actually happened (trust me, I would know…I was there). The contest will be from…now, till…October 20th! That's enough time right? Anyone that wants to enter the contest can either post it on a site and send me a link or send me the drawing over e-mail.

So here's the rules!

1. It must be an "Inuyasha" pic and must therefore include the characters, unless of course u are drawing Kadaj or Eyes who are also in here, you can draw them if you want.

2. It must have SOMETHING to do with the story!

3. It must be an original work, you can get an idea from another work but you can't trace or copy. I hate plagerism and i WILL find out...

4. All work must be submitted by October 20th, 11:59am Pacific coast time (he he, all official)

5. You can submit as many as you want! From one to a bajillion (if you can draw that fast!), as long as it follows the rest of the rules.

Here's some suggestions on stuff you can draw:

The couples in their Rennissance outfits

When Kikyo meets Eyes

Kagura's pirate attack at the charity ball.

Scenes from the dreams Kikyo, Kagome and Inuyasha had

Kikyo trying to wake up Sango the morning after they all spend the night at Kagome's ( u can have a lot of fun with this one, it's supposed to be really funny)

Kagome and Kikyo at Kikyo's acting class

A scene of the concert Kagome and Amaya go to

The scene in the limo with the Emo music (lol, man...Kiks is still pissed about that)

The thing with the Donut at the rennissance ball

The girl's and Mom's joke on all the guys with the Russian spies thingy in the bathroom.

Lyn at Nobu's grave

Pirate battle

Pirate outfits

Weird college reps at college fair begging the girls to learn about their schools...that was weird...(shudder)

Kagome and Kikyo freaking out about the LONG line for coffee.

Kids in modern clothes

Couples in school or anywhere else in the story.

Draw a picture of a photo of all of them or of a photo of a couple or something, i was going to mention soon something about photos, cause i have a lot of books filled with photos of all of us.

Or anything else you can possibly think of...these are just suggestions of things that you can draw. I'll be announcing the winner soon after the 20th of October, and Kikyo, Ayame, Sango and Rin will be helping me to judge...

Oh, and prizes!

Third prize will be:…an honorable mention….AND you get to pick out the next song for a chap….but please, try to keep it rock or something, not anything by rappers or preps like Britney..

Second prize will be: um…a chapter dedication to you….cause u did good…..i…(scratches back of head)…. OH! And you'll get a camio appearance on the fic…meaning you'll be like a background person, I'll describe you but you'll only appear on once occasion…I don't really know what else to give…what more do you people want from me!

First prize will be:…a spot on the fic! The winner of the contest will win their own character, based on them, and will appear in the story for a minimum of six chapters, and I write LONG chapters. I say minimum, because I don't know when this story will be done, but I'll introduce this character by late October or early November, meaning that they will be in it till the end, I will be speaking to the winner to make sure I capture they're personality and spirit into this character, and will dedicate the chapters to them of course. AND they will receive sneak peaks of the final 2 chapters…(going to be very good by the way, have it all planned out) receiving it in the mail three days before it is posted up on the site….bloody amazing huh?

So anyone planning on taking on this worthy challenge, please either write it in your review or pm me or email me or whatever, telling me what you'll do or at least if you're going to do it so I can know if anyone's interested.


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